Issues with the Development

Though the MMU aims to make the intended campus the greenest in England, examination of the proposed development raises a number of issues and questions around the current plans and the impact on the local community.
Some of the issues are
  • The impact of an additional 7000 students and staff in Hulme, that has limited local resources as it is, is likely to be problematic for the local community. The original plans, to expand the Didsbury campus, was stopped because it was harmful to the area.
  • A new 120 million investment to create up to 340 new jobs is not a good deal for the community, especially when earlier developments had hoped to create 2000. The actual figures could be a lot less seeing as MMU have recently been cutting jobs across the university. MMU’s funding has recently been cut by 25% by the Higher Education Funding Council of England (HEFCE) which could threaten further job losses.
  • The MMU are not explicitly saying that additional facilities will be created for residents or that any additional jobs created will be for residents. They are likely to be cut. Also, due to the cuts, existing facilities at All Saints Park will be put under further strain, being used by 6000 extra students, detracting from the quality of service.
  • The consultation from MMU says that 80% of respondents agree with the development and approx 13,000 people were consulted. Actually, there were 835 respondents, 80% of which is 668, which is 5% of the 13,000 people consulted.
More information on these issues can be found on the ‘Save Birley Fields’ leaflet.