What We Want

Any development on Birley Fields must consider:

  1. A valid Consultation – Save Birley Fields are a local community group consisting of students and residents in Hulme and Moss Side. A consultation that asks the community how they would like to develop the space and doesn’t only shout out about the   benefits of a proposed development.
  2. Alternative Plans – there are other ways of developing the campus which will minimise its problems, these do not seem to have been considered by the University.
  3. Saving local green space –There is very little green space left in Hulme and once green space in the city has gone it is very difficult to get it back. There is increasing scientific evidence supporting the retention of natural spaces on the basis of health and wellbeing.
  4. Community facilities – Facilities must be provided based on what the   local community want and need. These facilities must be guaranteed, not  subject to funding.
  5. The environment – Any development must be 21st Century in design with aspects such as renewable energy and sustainable transport to be considered as essential, not dependent on funding streams.
  6. Jobs –New jobs should be created, not simply transferred from other MMU campuses – A new campus should not threaten people’s jobs elsewhere in the University, which might happen in the current economic climate.
  7. No car Park – Any development on Birley Fields must not include a car park. Car Parks impact people’s health, increase carbon emissions & detriment local sustainable transport initiatives.

The local Hulme survey on Birley Fields: If you have not yet entered the survey please complete the online version here, it is important for us to get the opinions of as wide a diversity of people as possible.

Thank you